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Since Hada’s Fog is in its final draft, I have ordered promotional items to saturate readers’ minds with the title. Then they will recognize the published form and buy it, right?  That’s what presenters tell us at the promotional workshops I’ve attended.

Somewhere along my internet sign ups, Vistaprint offered me 100 free business cards. I liked their design choices and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Of course, they have specials right now so I bought post cards, labels, a pen, and a bag that have Hada’s Fog on them. Some items where there was enough room, I added my blurb. Great fun and psychologically, it will make the intention for publication happen. Again, that’s what the promotional presenters tell us.

If you aren’t sure about your title yet, get a pen with your title-in-progress on it, and your muse will enjoy helping you write new possibilities with it.

Here is the link: http://www.vistaprint.com





  1. Great idea to get your book’s name out there in promotional items! It transforms your masterpiece into a deeper physical existence – more than ink on paper it now has a tangible, sensory supported life! Hada’s Fog is now merchandised – It’s only the beginning . . . Keep GOING!!!

  2. Thanks, Jan. Let us know your business contact for additional promotional items we can order for our WIPs.

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