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Writers Listen to their Characters

In my Tuesday writing class, we discussed how characters push writers to write their stories. Although I’ve been revising Hada’s Fog for the last six years and the fifteen-year-old in that novel nudges me to write her story, called Lilli, another voice has popped up. Her name is Jill. She’s a CPA who wants to save a time-traveling man who’s in big trouble.

Since I write women’s fiction, Lilli surprised me because her story is YA. Jill surprises me because her genre would be a paranormal mystery. What to do with them while Hada is impatient that it’s taken so long to get her story into print? I need fifty hour days. Maybe I should be thankful I’ve never had writer’s block.



  1. Don’t give up on Hada!

  2. Thanks, Stacey, you’re right. Besides, she’d never let me give up on her. She’s pretty feisty.

  3. Hey, I like Jill already.

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