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Switching Genres

Most of my assignments in the writing class I teach are optional. The last couple weeks, I’ve had non-optional assignments which involve creating a new POV character in a different genre. I’m impressed with their successes so far. I had to push myself to leave women’s fiction and YA to enter the realm of paranormal romance with my Jill, a CPA who falls in love with a time traveling man. The experience of writing in a different genre is valuable even if the new novel never reaches the publishing point.


  1. It is always interesting changing genres, forcing one to write outside of their box. For what you are used to, is writing within your comfort zone.

  2. The experience is a difficult but interesting assignment. Julaina lhas forced me experiment with Romance. It’s tough but fun learning an entirely new approach.

  3. You know, this one doesn’t have that format info, maybe it has something to do with Stacey’s info and how you cut and pasted it. Anyway, this post seems to be fine.


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