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YA Lilli's comments to readers

Lilli muses about animals on her page and she replied to readers. Check out what she thinks, go to the menu bar, and click on  “Lilli’s Talk and Thoughts”.


  1. I absolutely love Lilli and how you are doing this. The problem I originally had, and the problem I believe your other commenter had, was that I used your email link, (clicked on YA Lilli[‘s comments in the email) which took me to your website. I think went to the sidebar and clicked on your recent posting of Lilli. Unfortunately, that only gave me the briefest of blurbs and I couldn’t figure out when we were actually going to see something from Lilli. Thanks for clarifying. I hope others aren’t confused. They need to know they have to click on Lilly in the heading options, not on the sidebar.

    Julie Royce

    [email protected]



  2. It’s always nice to read of another’s thoughts. I know little of young adult writing.

  3. Thanks, Sheri. Lilli is discussing addictions with Julie in the next few days, you might like to chime in since you write about it too. Lilli would love direct communication on her page if you care to make a comment in the discussion.

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