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Character Becomes Alive

About ten years ago, I wrote a short story about a character that loved ambrosia. I titled the story “Ambrosia”. Yesterday, I saw, in real life, the character who was a real person, eating ambrosia. Her physical appearance and movements as she ate it were identical to my character.  The plot didn’t manifest, not yet anyway, but it was almost like a deja vu with a fictional character.


  1. That’s kind of spooky…

    • Yes, it was kind of spooky and yet it wasn’t. I was mesmerized. I had written the story in a writing class and one person complained about the ending so I wrote two versions with different resolutions. One negative and one positive. I hope the real person has her own positive ending.

  2. I love ambrosia, it’s a long lost food group! Did you get her name?

  3. I never named the character. In fact, the whole story was like one big moment that we studied in class Monday. Thanks for asking. I agree that it’s a long lost food group, LOL.

  4. ladywinfred says:

    Eerie. Twilight Zone stuff!!

  5. Luckily I didn’t run away screaming. Actually, it was intriguing. Don’t know if that peek into the Zone will reoccur. It might get really eerie if it does.

  6. Could be fun or not.

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