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Poetry Contest Judges

The judges are reading your poems now and should have a winner picked by this time next week. I don’t envy them with all the great entries. I told them a tie would be okay with me.

Those of you who want to read the poems, go to my New Contest page at the top menu bar.


  1. Last Night

    Illusions are full of life. They feel like
    deep beliefs and anchient myths. They
    took the lead through dreams, the
    catastrophies that have come and gone
    through me.

    Freedom is my only resource now.
    No attachments, no excuses, no songs
    to sing, no need of that. I rid myself of lies
    and hope, everything but my truth & love.

    It’s time to live, to let go of comfortable ideas
    handed to me; instead, I make my work count
    with every word my pen now camly puts to ink.

    Last night, a place of revelation
    lead to a Private Refuge.

    Like a wildflower, full of deep magic
    and the lure of life, I seek my nature
    pure and clear, like clean water from
    the well of cosmic oceans that come
    from glass mountains on the other
    side of dark nights.
    By Mary Lou Haugh

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