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Book Title Decisions

I’m still deciding on the title for our class genre sampler, or anthology is what some people like to call it.

The book started out as A Class of Muses, then Secrets, Surprises, and Smiles. I didn’t care for Smiles in the title, although our humorist, Stacey Gustafson certainly makes us smile with her essays. So I thought of Secrets, Surprises, and Wit. A couple people didn’t like the word wit, like I didn’t like the word smiles.

So, maybe it should be Secrets and Surprises.

Comments, insights, and preferences are appreciated.


  1. How about Secrets, Surprises, and Quips. Everyone should hate the word quip. Or Secrets, Surprises and Grins. I like that one best.

  2. ladywinfred says:

    How about A-Mused?

  3. How about Secrets,Smiles and Surprises !
    Ending with the three syllable word may flow easier off the NY Times Reviewers tongue as they recommend it – bet that made you smile ;;)

  4. I erroneously thought the SSS stood for Secrets, Surprises and Similes. I thought the word similes was in there to let the reader know the anthology was about the art of writing as much as what was written. Silly me.

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