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Winners of the Western Flash Contest

We did it! After the two judges of the Western Flash Contest had opposing winners chosen, I took the four submissions to the members of my writing classes to participate in the judging process.

The first place winner is Jeremy Milburn for “The East Coast Dandy”. Congratulations, Jeremy. Please email me so we can get your story into my anthology.

Second Place Winner is Emily De Falla for “Devil or Angel”.

Thank you to all who submitted. Writing a story within 500 words is not an easy task and you all did very well.

See you at the next contest.


  1. Wow! Thank you for choosing my story! I’m honored and excited!

  2. I looked for your e-mail, but I couldn’t find it on this site. Mine should be linked to my comment if you want to email me anything I might need to look at. Thank you again!

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