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Anthology Progress for Publication

The anthology is almost complete. I’m waiting for less than ten entries that are in various stages of revision by my writer friends or they are waiting for permission from previous publishers.

Linda Todd, who organized the anthology for the Tri-Valley Chapter of the California Writers Club, has organized all the entries for me. Without her, this book would not be this far in the publishing process.

I haven’t blogged as often as I usually do because I’ve worked on the anthology every chance I have after work and family obligations.

But I’ll be back once this draft goes to the press.


  1. We are all waiting patiently for these two events, 1) for your anthology (by whatever name), and 2) your return to blogging. We miss you and your sage advice, or is it the sage we miss?

  2. Julia,
    I give you my permission to publish my poem “Hope” in the anthology, Is there somewhere I should send that permission to in writing? Let me know.

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