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Happy Thanksgving

I am thankful that the finish line for my anthology is close. The process has been difficult, yet delightful. I’m grateful to all the writers who submitted entries and their willingness to make revisions. The goal for the book in hand is February 1st.

I appreciate my helpers, particularly Linda Todd. Without her, the book wouldn’t be polished or ready for the press. Stacey Gustafson volunteered to contact writers for their bios etc.  Jordan Bernal, Paula Chinick, and Ann Winfred appeared with their support when I became overwhelmed. Thank you all.


  1. A major undertaking and you have the gratitude of each of us who will find our work in the anthology. Thanks, too, to Linda, Stacey and the others. I hope you are taking a much deserved break to enjoy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you to all of the helpers for contributing their time, experience and commitment to this project. But Thank YOU Julaina for having the desire to create this project and for the perseverance and lack of ego, to reach out and ask for help when it was needed. It is because of you, that this book long in the making, will finally take up space on a shelf . You are the channel for so many wonderful writers dreams that are able to unfold into manifestations. For us of like mind, there is no greater joy than to see your thoughts come to life on paper, accompanied by a byline. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may everyones feast be abundant in fellowship and food.

  3. Julie speaks for all your muses and frriends. Take a few days for yourself.

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