Time to Write Now By Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Women's National Book Association Board Members

WNBABoard at Santos' party 8-14We five Women’s National Book Association board members enjoyed an afternoon at Barb and Rich Santos’ home along with other writers and friends from the San Francisco Writers Conference.

From left to right, WNBA President Kate Farrell, Secretary Julaina Kleist-Corwin, Webmaster Linda Lee, Social Media Manager Frances Caballo, and Membership Chair Jane Glendinning.

The San Francisco Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association seeks to create a network within our local literary community while promoting literacy, a love of reading, and women’s role in the world of words. I’m happy to be a member and their new secretary. If anyone is interested in joining our chapter, go to www.wnba-sfchapter.org.


  1. Julaina – Congratulations. You bring a great deal to WNBA – The group is blessed to have you as a Board Member.

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