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Characters' Decisions

Eleanor Roosevelt decisionAs writers we have to put our main character in tight spots where decisions have to be made. We make the decision harder when there are no right answers. The character has to weigh what is better between two actions where neither one is guaranteed to turn out right. The deep tension, which is more than superficial tension, involves impossible situations for the character and the decision to go one way or the other is a risk, regardless which she chooses.

In the next chapter of my new novel, Norman in the Painting, Jill will have to decide if helping Norman is more important than putting her friends in danger of being killed. Norman has become her new love interest, yet Evelyn and Maggie have been loyal friends for many years. The antagonist has given her an ultimatum. If Jill continues to be involved with Norman, he will kill her friends one by one. Hard decision, deep tension, what will she do?


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