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Your Characters' Handwriting

pen and handwriting strokeVimala Rodgers wrote a book called Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life. The description on the back cover, states that handwriting is “a road map to the psyche, a clear path through the winding labyrinth of our personality. Every loop and flourish reveals an attitude, each line and slant displays a quality.” Several years ago, I studied the book and changed the way I wrote to have positive results in my life.

As Jill, the protagonist in my novel, Norman in the Painting, is about to write a note, I took Rodgers’ book off my shelf and thought how I could describe Jill’s key letters that would reveal more information about her. For instance, the letter t shows the writer’s attitude toward “goal-setting, self-image, self-esteem, and belief in one’s abilities to achieve.” (p.29) The higher the cross on the t means the higher degree of effort the person/character puts behind projects. If the t is half crossed or the cross line doesn’t touch the t to follow across it, the person/character puts off doing things until the last minute. A writer who crosses the t at the top, the very top, is enthusiastic about her goal. Jill is determined to help Norman at all costs.  I’ll have her cross her t’s at the top with a firm stroke.

Then I’ll look at few more letters that show her attitude as she writes.


  1. Another thing to learn!!! Sigh. Guess it never ends, huh? Thanks for the intriguing information, Julaina.

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