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The Male Brain vs. The Female Brain. Boxed in, out or just plain Boxed?

This 5:13 minute talk is not only funny, but could help a writer to use the information in writing the difference between female and male characters.


  1. ladywinfred says:

    Watched the video and laughed out loud right along with the audience. I don’t know how close he got to the female brain, but he definitely nailed the male one. Boxes, indeed, especially the favorite empty one. I did want to slap him when he genuflected before addressing the female brain, but hey, he’s a male, right? Enough said. Thanks for finding and sharing this important scientific “study.”


    • Yes, I laughed out loud too, especially about the boxes cannot touch. I’ve heard descriptions of the differences described in various ways, but I thought he was especially funny.

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