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Memorial Day

Memorial dayWhat did you do this Memorial Day?

We took a mile walk, had chicken for lunch and strawberry shortcake for snack. Then we prepared for the HOA’s annual garage sale this coming Saturday. Our eighteen year old, Ariana, cleared out her room for a re-do since she will be staying with us during the week instead of the weekends. In June, she’ll be starting Diablo Valley College which is closer to our house than where she is living in Berkeley.

Memorial day with poppiesDuring our activities, I thought of my dad who was in the Navy during WW ll. I called to thank him for his service. I thank all the vets for their service and also  those who are in the armed forces now. Come home soon and safe.


  1. Sally Kimball says:

    Re-Writing all weekend of my short stories. LOL

  2. Glad to hear it, Sally.

  3. We slept in a little. We had a late breakfast. I went to lunch with my granddaughter. Nice to hear a little about her world and share news of mine. John and I had dinner at a Chinese place. We stopped at the grocery story and just enjoyed driving around in our community. We enjoy each others company no matter what we do! 🙂 We feel so lucky to have found each other. I just read a great book, Love Again, by Eve Pell. She writes about 15 couples who share their experiences of finding a second partner late in life.

    • Glad you had a nice day, Kate. It’s wonderful to enjoy each other no matter what you do. You both are lucky indeed. The book, Love Again, sounds interesting. See you Monday.

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