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Quotes by Writer Iris Murdoch

Iris MurdochIris Murdoch quote about people on other planetsIris Murdoch, an Irish-born British author and philosopher,  was born July 15, 1919 and died February 8, 1999 at age 79. She ranked twelfth on a list of “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945.” She wrote 26 novels and followed the tradition of novelists like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, George Elliot, and Proust. Murdoch was married for 40 years to John Bayley who wrote two memoirs about his life with Murdoch. Shortly before her death, he wrote Iris: A Memoir. After her death, he wrote a  sequel called Iris and Her Friends. His memories of Murdoch as she developed Alzheimer’s disease was made into a film with Kate Winslet portraying Murdoch.

Iris Murdoch quote about odd peopleIris Murdoch secrets of happy

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I haven’t read anything by Murdoch, have you?


  1. ladywinfred says:

    I especially like the quote about one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous SMALL treats. Amen, Iris. No, I’ve never read any Iris Murdoch and shame on me. Definitely a heavy lady. She’s on my list now. Alas, so many books/authors, so little time, huh? Thanks for the nudge, Jules.

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