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  1. ladywinfred says:

    Sounds like a fun idea.

  2. Carolyn Sapio says:

    My parents used to get us (6 children) color-by-number and paint by number sets for Christmas each year and we so enjoyed receiving them, ripping them open and beginning! My dad taught us to dray and I always took art classes for my electives in school, and even studied art in college )back then one had to declare a “minor” area of study, so I chose art, which went well with my degree in Elementary Education. I have also loved to doodle all my life during class, lectures, sermons, and while on the phone. Now my son is an artist (with a master’s degree in art) and I have grandchildren for whom and with whom I draw for fun! Coloring and drawing are indeed de-stressing so you can understand why I was so excited to find your website! Thank you!

    • Thank you Carolyn, for your enthusiasm and commenting. I see you have a degree in elementary education. I taught elementary for most of my teaching years, but I also taught special ed, Montessori, and now I teach creative writing in Dublin, CA once a week. I too remember the paint by numbers when I was a kid. My relatives painted them and when I got older, I did a few myself. My first husband was an artist, so I’ve “lived” in the art world too. There always were coloring books in any house I lived in for children who visit. I am happy to know that grown ups color in them now. A great trend. Congrats to you for keeping the love of art in your family. I hope you follow my blog. The sign up is working now and you can receive the mini coloring book I offer. Nice to meet you.

    • Carolyn, were you able to download my mini coloring book?

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