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Ziggy Marley Fly Rasta Concert

Ziggy Marley

The Ziggy Marley Fly Rasta Concert last night at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park was awesome.We had an hour and a half drive home on a week night so we tried to leave mid-way through the concert. But our friend, Debbie Wiggins, took us by the hand and led us back into the swaying crowd, encouraged us to stay to the end, and we were swept up into Ziggy’s energy again. We couldn’t go.

On the way home, I tried to think of ways to express an experience like that in writing. Selecting the right words in a short story or novel could bring the reader right there. I think I’ll have my protagonist go to a music event and see what I can do to have the reader experience it with her.

Thanks to Debbie and Morty who brought us to Ziggy live.

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