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Wired for Story: Lisa Cron

In my writing class, one member, Julie Royce (author of PILZ), suggested I use Lisa Cron’s Wired for Story as a “text” book. I did and we studied Cron’s take on writing for a couple months. Today, I found her TED Talk which I’m sharing here. I like to hear authors’ real voices.

Some highlights are “We think in story.”

“Story is a super power.”

We live vicariously in the stories we read, not to escape from life, but by the protagonist’s experience,  we learn how to navigate reality and  how to survive if we find ourselves in a similar situation. We don’t get “lost in a story”, we are in it, we are the protagonist.  All stories are a call to action. We feel the surge of empowerment when the story is over. “Never underestimate the power of story.”

Learn storytelling from a good writer, not only to improve our own writing, but for effective communication. People will listen to a point if we tell a story around it.

Thank you, Lisa Cron.


BTW, I’ve added to the story I’m telling about Hada. The next segment is in Hada’s Fog on the menu bar.  She’s on the plane from New Jersey to Berkeley, California and not happy about leaving home.

Fog 2 for Hada


  1. Lisa Cron is amazing. She seems so down-to-earth. She’s a writer, a teacher and an anthropologist all rolled up into one. She comes on the stage and looks like she just got up from her computer. Comfortable clothes, running shoes, sleeves pushed back so they don’t get in the way while she’s typing. She’s not trying to impress anybody but she does, effortlessly.

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