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A Motif in Hada’s Fog

Hada's better blue shoes  The segment that ends Chapter One in Hada’s Fog is entered. You can go to the above menu, click on Hada’s Fog. Chapter One, Scene Two is first.

Hada’s footwear is a motif in the novel.  She dresses up for traveling, but her blue shoes hurt her swollen feet. She tries to hide the fact from family members that her feet swell often, particularly on the long plane rides. At home, she wears slippers but is always in a dress. We never see her in pants. She takes pride in her appearance and looks good for her age. She seems to be in good health except for the swelling.

This chapter ends the flight to California. The tension between her and Lev increases. Each one has a favorite son since the boys were young. To Hada, the first-born can do no wrong. Her mother taught her that belief. In the next chapter, we will meet one of the sons.

Her footwear is one motif but there will be others. What do you use as a motif in your present project?


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