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How To Dig a Hole

Dog digging holeMy last post was about procrastination from an article by Dean Bokhari. He recommended 5 books to “get your creative juices flowing.” One of the books, I described in yesterday’s post was The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Another book he listed is Lateral Thinking– Creativity Step by Step by Edward de Bono who teaches courses in thinking as a skill. Bokhari stated that de Bono explains “how to align our thinking in a way that actually helps us become more creative. While everyone else is trying to dig the same hole in the same place, this book shows you how to dig a new hole somewhere different.”

One of the reviewers on Amazon listed 7 points from the book, one of which is “Don’t challenge an idea to find if it is right or wrong but look if it can add any insight at a different angle.” Dig more holes in different places is a helpful way to approach a solution.

Dog rabbits holes       Dog Digging hole in cartoon

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