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Point Of View in Fiction And Blogging Hada’s Fog

point of view who's telling the storyWhen deciding on a point of view in fiction, usually what is thought of is first person, second person, or third person. The other consideration is as it says in the image on the left, “Through whose eyes does the author tell his or her story? Who is the narrator of the story?”

In Hada’s Fog, the book I’m blogging on this site (see the title on the menu), I wanted to write her story, but I had to have another character speak up to show the other side of Hada that she didn’t know about herself. I had not written a short story or novel with two points of view. I decided to alternate chapters to provide for her husband, Lev, to help the reader understand not only the situation, but Hada’s flaws and her good qualities.

Today I have posted the second chapter, first scene of Hada’s Fog which you can find on the Menu under Hada’s Fog. This chapter is from Lev’s point of view. Chapter Three will be from Hada’s again.

Point of view cartoonpoint of view eyes and earsFog 2 for Hada


  1. POV of view has always been an mystery concept for me to your using alternating views in order to show another side of Hada flipped a switch and gave me a bit of an ah-ha. Appreciate it!!

  2. Oh boy, that was garbled. Sorry :-(( It’s the full moon. Let me start over. POV has always been a mystery to me, but your using the alternate POV of Lev to allow you to show the “other side” of Hada flipped a light switch and gave me a nice ah-ha moment. Thank you.

  3. This is cool. I hadn’t realized that you switched POV in this story. I really liked Annabel Lee and how you brought her into their pives. She brought out a lot of the personality of both Hada and Lev and injected humor and poignance into the story.

    • Thank you so much, Gary. I appreciate your comments. They inspired me to write the post about minor characters today.

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