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Elizabeth Strout Talks About Writing and The Burgess Boys


Hear Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize winning author, talk about her recent book, The Burgess Boys. I have read all of her books except this one.  Abide with Me and Amy and Isabelle are my two favorites.

She won the Pulitzer Prize for Olive KitteridgeElizabeth Strout 3 book stack

In this video, she talks about how and where she researched for The Burgess Boys, which was based on a true event.

Elizabeth Strout The Burgess Boys cover



She’s a self-taught writer and tells us how she got started in writing.

Strout says that a writer is not alone, she’s there with her characters, but it’s nice to be with readers at the book signing events too. During the Q and A, someone asked her if she thinks about her characters often. She said yes because they are her friends.

I met Strout at a book reading in Pleasanton’s Towne Center Books when Olive Kitteridge first came out. I sat next to her and we talked about the audience for our books. Her advice was, not to worry about the audience, just write a good book about what you want to write. I felt I had known her for a long time. She’s personable and tall. I’m only five two so I was impressed. She and Jane Smiley (another Pulitzer Prize winner) surprised me with their height when I met them in person.


Have you read The Burgess Boys? Which Strout book is your favorite?


  1. Ann Winfred says:

    Great post, Jules. Strout is one of the best craftswomen in the business and I love all her work. Enjoyed the video, too. How delicious you got to meet and visit with her — what a high!!

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