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Panda free now numberIn Hada’s Fog, Samuel’s youngest daughter, Judi, has a toy panda. Do you remember those pandas? They’re still for sale. I searched at Wikipedia to find out when they became popular. The pandas weren’t included in the history of stuffed toys. Teddy bears, sock monkeys etc. were listed:

“In 1903 Richard Steiff designed a soft bear that differed from earlier traditional rag dolls, because it was made of plush furlike fabric.

At the same time in the USA, Morris Michtom created the first teddy bear, after being inspired by a drawing of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt with a bear cub

The character Peter Rabbit from English author Beatrix Potter was the first stuffed toy to be patented, in 1903.

Sock monkeys are a type of handmade stuffed monkey made out of socks that first appeared in the US during the Great Depression.”  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuffed_toy

I chose a panda for Judi. It fits her personality. She’d want something unusual like the black and white pattern and she’d choose it because it looks like a real animal. Judi would not be interested in the sock monkeys. They’re not a real enough representation.  Beanie Babies are too small for her taste. sock animals

She’s not a doll kind of girl. Cabbage Patch dolls or Barbies wouldn’t interest her. She’s creative, blunt, an independent thinker, and a little hyperactive.

If you have children in your stories, what kind of toys do they have and why did you choose them?


  1. Ann Winfred says:

    Fun post — enjoyed it. Once upon a time in my dim dark past, I made a bunch of those sock monkeys for Christmas presents. I’m sure all the recipients were thrilled!!!!

    • They probably were thrilled. Those were different times. Plus you made them. That’s what Christmas used to be about.

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