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Movie “Ricki and the Flash”

Meryl Streep in Ricki and the FlashLabor Day weekend is a good time to go to the movie theaters. We saw Meryl Streep in “Ricki and the Flash.” As a writer while I’m watching the show, a part of me is analyzing the plot, the inciting incident, character development, the arcs, etc.

This movie has it all and does it well. Plus the performances by Streep and  Mamie Gummer are superb. No one can upstage Streep, but Mamie Gummer, who plays the distraught daughter, drew my attention. I wondered who she was since I had never seen her in a movie.  Her facial expressions, showing a range of emotions, made me an instant fan. When we returned home, I Googled Gummer and found she is Streep’s real life daughter. What a surprise, but not really since she’s related to one of the best acting role models. In the photo you can see a resemblance to Streep, but certainly not in the movie.  She wears little to no makeup, bathrobe with slippers, and has uncombed hair most of the time.

Meryl's daughter Mammie gummer





Rick Springfield plays Streep’s boyfriend and is a member of her band. Streep plays guitar and sings , displaying another talent and acing a different kind of character than she has played in the past.  In spite of some reviews, it’s worth seeing.

What is a recent movie you would recommend?

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