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Milwaukee Art Museum “Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels”

Jackson Pollock convergence

Jackson Pollock Convergence

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and remember this art museum where I saw every exhibit, often more than once.

Tomorrow is the last day for the show called,

Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels
Masterworks from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery 

“Works by the biggest names in art from the late nineteenth century to now—including Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Edgar Degas, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol—bring focus to those artists whose acts of creative rebellion shaped the course of modern art.

Vincent van Gogh to Jackson Pollock, Camille Pissarro to Andy Warhol, the 68 artists represented in this exhibition created against the tide to invent new kinds of art. They challenged convention and pushed the limits of what art was; they were rebels. Today, most everyone knows their names—they are the “superstars” of modern art. Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels features over seventy works from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York, renowned for its exceptional collection of twentieth-century art.”


In Amy M. Haddad’s review of the exhibit, she appreciated the Modern Rebels theme that united Cubism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting and Pop. “But considering Cubism and Abstract Expressionism alongside a host of other movements governed by the same theme is another way to look at and understand two fundamental developments in the history of art.”  The artwork spans the 1880s through the 1960s.

“A highlight of the show, and a noted transition, is the portion of the exhibition devoted to Abstract Expressionism. It marks the second half of the show and underscores a shift in art capitals: from Paris to New York. Visitors cannot not miss Jackson Pollock’s “Convergence.” Its enormous size stops visitors in their tracks, especially in comparison to the School of Paris artworks; Pollock’s hypnotic use of lines and drips of paint all over the canvas are visually arresting.”

The “Pop and Beyond” section included examples from Warhol and Lichtenstein. Visitors of the exhibit can consider the impact of modern artists as rebels. For more information, see Haddad’s links:

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Twitter: @amymhaddad

Who is your favorite Modern Rebel artist?




  1. Pollock is one of my absolute favorites… now I yearn to see more.

    • I like him too, but it was funny when I tried to get a painting to put on my post with that art museum info, I went to Pollock’s artwork and there were several that looked so much like the one the museum had at their exhibit, it was hard to pick the right one. I don’t think I did, but they all are interesting, so I guess it didn’t really matter.

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