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How Did This Bottle-Nose Dolphin Know the Diver Could Rescue Him?

How did the bottle-nose dolphin know the diver could rescue him?

“On a night-time dive near Hawaii, 2 divers were found by a bottle-nose dolphin and it started to swim around them over and over again. When looking closer, one of them discovered the reason for this strange behavior – the dolphin had a fishing line hooked around it, hindering its ability to swim.

They cut him free, and the dolphin swam away. The fact that a dolphin would come to humans for help maybe evidence of its intelligence, as most injured animals would never come close to a human. This is amazing to watch and a life-time experience for those two divers.

3:14 Minute Video – Best Viewed Full Screen:

I could watch this video for hours.

Does it inspire a story for any of you?



  1. Dolphins are very intelligent. Some dolphins are probably more intelligent than some people… just sayin…

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