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Do you have a word count goal, daily or weekly? Is the word count enough to reach the finished product timeline?  Is your goal easy to accomplish? Is it a habit yet?

I used to say that I don’t like to write a certain number of words every day. I like large chunks of time to write. I used to work on my WIPs about five to six hours twice a week.  Somehow, I’ve been distracted and haven’t accomplished any WIP (work in progress) writing lately. I have revised Hada’s Fog each time I blogged a scene, which is twice a week, but fresh chapter writing in Norman in the Painting has not happened in months as my critique partner reminds me.  I had hoped to finish the first draft of Norman by August this year. Now I’m aiming for June 2016.

For me it is about habit. I proved that I could post on my blog daily. October 2014 I made a goal to post every day until January 2015, a realistic goal, which I accomplished easily. Those three months of daily posting became a habit. I continued without an end date, but I was willing to re-evaluate the frequency whenever I wanted.

When I updated this blog, my webmaster said I’d need to stop posting for a few days. I agreed, thinking I could use the time to re-connect with my WIP.  I was surprised how much I missed posting. Something felt missing for the first day or two. On day three, I posted without asking the webmaster if I could. I figured if it didn’t make it on the new blog, I’d save it for when I could blog again.

The post appeared so I continued my daily habit, regardless how tired I was at the end of busy days. The habit works for me. I read an article by Nathan Barry who states his goal was to write 1,000 words a day which he did for 291 days in a row. He continues the 1,000 words in order not to “break his chain.” I can identify with maintaining a perfect streak of a writing habit as I experience the chain with  my blog posts.

Tomorrow I plan to start a goal for my WIP Norman in the Painting. I will write 1,000 words twice a week. I don’t know if that word count is enough or too much but I will be consistent until the goal becomes a habit. Then I can adjust the word count if needed.

Do you want to join me?

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  1. Love cultivating habits. And knowing/permission for “enough” to be “enough”

    • Knowing/permission for “enough” to be “enough” is something I have to learn. I think of you often about that enough goal you have achieved when I keep pushing myself even on weekends.

  2. I haven’t established a daily word-count goal for my WIP. But in November I will have a daily goal of 1667 words. That is what is required to finish a 50,000 word draft in 30 days. Love NaNoWriMo. One goal I do have and follow faithfully is to write my “Morning Pages”. That is three long-hand pages of journaling, stream of consciousness, of anything else. It does keep me in the habit of writing daily.

    • With NaNoWriMo you will succeed, Sharon. And afterwords, make a new goal with less stressful numbers since the habit will already be there.
      Morning Pages is a great activity too. Now you have a blog goal too. Go, Girl!

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