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Two Protagonists Or One in Hada’s Fog?

protagonist who isA new scene from Hada’s Fog has been posted (see menu above). This Chapter Five is from Lev’s point of view. Chapters consistently alternate between Hada and her husband, Lev.

Do two viewpoints mean two protagonists? I didn’t plan the novel to have two. I use Lev’s chapters for the readers to know about Hada’s positive side, to understand her internal struggle, and to observe her arc from Lev’s point of view.

Sometimes Lev is a catalyst for action. Sometimes he interferes with other characters’ actions. Sometimes he has internal conflicts. Toward the end, he will exhibit a change in his thoughts but the change does not involve an arc.  Lev is who he is, fair and responsible, a man with high integrity and he maintains his values which does not involve a true arc.

In the next scene of this chapter that will be posted in a couple of days, I’ve included a flash back, which is different from back story. A flash back shows a scene from the past relevant to moving the plot forward, whereas backstory is information from the past in a telling format that often isn’t essential to the plot.

Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog

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  1. ladywinfred says:

    Brilliant strategy to develop the characters of both Lev and Hada, plus the power of their relationship, without resorting to sometime ho-hum internal dialog, flashback, and backstory. Well done, Julaina.

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