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TV Show “Blindspot”

Blindspot stars Jaimie AlexamderDid you watch the premier of “Blindspot” on NBC? The previews looked good so we watched  it and liked the acting and the plot.

Molly Driscoll, staff writer of The Christian Monitor reviewed the show.


Driscoll reported that the idea of “Blindspot” is similar to ABC’s “Lost” which became a big hit.

“Blindspot’s” premise is a mystery: what happened to this woman? What do the tattoos on her body mean? Why doesn’t she remember what happened to her? They named her Jane Doe and her “fighting skills lend themselves to helping the FBI.”

The question is whether “Blindspot” can continue with the premise in a satisfying manner and if the viewers will stay with the show long enough to get the answers. Driscoll quoted another blogger I follow:

“Paul Levinson, author and professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University, thought the premiere was “really excellent.” He found Stapleton in particular to be an “outstanding actor” and thought the show “captures the New York ambience really well… I think the show has a lot of potential,” he says.”

At the end of the article, Driscoll quotes Levinson again:

“Levinson knows there have been various programs that have burned out. “Once the show gets going, the show doesn’t maintain this level of tension and excellence,” he says of these problematic shows.

He thinks “Blindspot” may be able to go the distance, however. “It’s a less crazy show than ‘Lost,'” Levinson says.”

I agree that “Blindspot” is less crazy than “Lost” which I watched a couple of times and ended up thinking it seemed too scattered.

You can read more on “Paul Levinson’s Infinite Regress” http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2015/09/blindspot-11-good-to-see.html

He reviews: “12 Monkeys, American Crime, Banshee, Black Sails, Blindspot, Bones, Bosch, Deutschland 83, Fargo, Fear TWD, Game of Thrones, Heroes Reborn, House of Cards, Hell on Wheels, Homeland, Humans, Limitless, Masters of Sex, Minority Report, Mr. Robot, Peaky Blinders, Outlander, Ray Donovan, Rectify, The: Affair, Americans, Good Wife, Walking Dead; Vikings – and movies, music, books, politics”

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Paul Levinson


  1. I had seen the preview and a review on this. I was upset when I found I missed the premiere. So I dug around online and found out I could watch it on my computer. It seems like there were more commercials than on TV. No possibility of skipping any of them either.

    I thought the show was great but I don’t know how they are going to do this as a TV show. They will want it to go to another season and another. Eventually it will get overly complex and fall apart. This would be good as a movie or maybe a miniseries. Maybe they can pull it off. I hope they can.

    Wow. It was great.

  2. I agree, Gary, it would be a great movie and/or a miniseries. I had the feeling they might use each of her tattoos as a premise for each program. The tattoo being the clue and they’d follow up on it and next time use another tattoo. Since she has so many, the series could last a while. I thought the hook where we had a glimpse of her telling the man to give her the serum and she’d lose her memory added depth.

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