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Hada’s Thanksgiving

Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog

The first scene of  Chapter 7,  in Hada’s Fog has been posted. You can find the page above in the menu.

Hada and Lev see Samuel’s new house. She’s impressed. Lev isn’t. We meet Samuel’s wife and daughters preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

I had intended for the daughters to be minor characters who appear now and then, but later in the story both of  them become catalysts for change in Hada’s arc.

The important point when writing multiple characters, especially ones who aren’t in every scene, is to differentiate them with markers. Writers don’t want readers to have to go back through the book to find out who a character is. Markers help the mind remember. For instance the daughters’ ages help to distinguish them. Esther is older than Judi by five years . Esther is quiet and serious. Judi is rambunctious, funny, and at times, annoying.  In the future, they both will break their parents’ rules in ways which are typical for their ages. Unintentionally, those actions start to diminish the fog in Hada’s thinking.

turkey not quite done

Bira’s turkey

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