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California Writing Club Tri-Valley Branch Meeting

TVW standing A reading (1)

Julaina Kleist-Corwin reading from Written Across the Genres at the California Writers Club, TVW Branch. Photo by Patrick Coyle

At the October CWC Tri-Valley Branch meeting, I was a member spotlighted.  Lani Longshore interviewed me, wrote about my answers, and the article was published in our October newsletter. Then, at the branch meeting for that month, I read an excerpt from Hada’s Fog, my novel that I am blogging on this site (see menu above).

The guest speaker that day was Dennis Dawson, an experienced toastmaster who shared storytelling techniques. He discussed how to use voice, gestures, pace, and staging to add interest and clarity to our presentations. Members wondered if I was nervous to be reading before Dawson gave us tips on speaking. I wasn’t nervous because I appreciated the opportunity to improve with his suggestions. He gave positive feedback. Dawson said my pacing was good, I read faster with young Esther’s dialogue and slower when seventy-year old Hada talked. I did it automatically without thinking that a younger person, especially one who is caught breaking a rule, would speak faster.

Dawson demonstrated how to use body language when one is talking for two people. He said stay in one spot, don’t jump from one side to the other when speaking for each person. Turn your torso to represent the one who is talking, but keep your feet in one spot. He demonstrated tone of voice and extending vocal range. We enjoyed his dramatics and his humor.

TVW AA reading (5)

Julaina Kleist-Corwin speaking at California Writers Club, TVW Branch. Photo by Patrick Coyle

Dennis Dawson

Toastmaster Dennis Dawson Photo at www.trivalleywriters.org


  1. Thanks for giving me the highlights. I passed it on to Dennis.

  2. Great pictures and mega-contragulations on the praise from the big dog himself. Well done, Jules!

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