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Hada’s Fog Chapter Seven: Suspicions

Lilli's shoes black

Lilli’s shoes in Hada’s Fog. novel by J. Kleist-Corwin

The last scene in Chapter Seven is posted on Hada’s Fog. (See menu above.) Suspicions reign in this scene. Bira, Hada’s daughter-in-law, suspects Samuel is attracted to 15 year-old Lilli. Lev, Hada’s husband, challenges Samuel about unfairness toward Abe, the younger brother.

Hada doesn’t think about what Bira implied. Samuel defends his actions in regard to Abe, and Hada wants to stop the men’s argument.

Hada’s Fog is not in the mystery genre. But suspicions can create tension in stories of any genre. Suspicions aren’t dissolved easily. Keep it going for future conflict, but the reason for it should be logical.  If what a character suspects turns out not to be true, writers need to show why it looked like it could be. Readers don’t want to think the character is just paranoid.

Did another character make contradictory statements that caused mistrust in anything he/she said? Did one character, out of jealousy or revenge, cause another character to be suspicious of someone else? Do all the other characters think the suspicious person is overreacting and then it turns out that person was correct?

For what purpose in the story was the suspicion important?
In the next chapter, Lilli and her father, Dario, come to Thanksgiving dinner.



  1. ladywinfred says:

    Nice discussion on characters and suspicion and how it needs to be organically correct for the characters and the story. Thanks, Jules.

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