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The Martian (Movie)

Martian Matt DamonThis weekend we went to see the movie, The Martian. Matt Damon’s character, Mark Watney, becomes stranded on Mars alone. He was part of a crew, a manned mission, that was to stay on Mars for two months to study the planet.

After eighteen days, a storm hits the base and the crew has to leave the planet or risk their rocket being damaged and having no way to return to earth. They assume astronaut Mark Watney is dead after being hit with a large piece of equipment that the strong winds blew off. They can’t find his body and can’t wait any longer to leave.

When the storm is over, we see he’s wounded but not dead. The rest of the movie shows how he tries to survive. There are a few humorous events as well as some shocking times, but well-balanced overall.

Matt Damon is the astronaut who figures he’d have to wait four years to be rescued. It takes that long for a spaceship to get to Mars. The biggest problem is he would run out of food and water in that amount of time. The picture above is his way of marking the days.

The actors, especially Damon, are believable, varied, and entertaining. It’s worth it to see it at a theater.

From one to ten with ten being the highest, I’d give it an eight and a half. Have you seen it yet?

Mars devastationmartian-movie-poster


  1. Sally kimball says:

    Great picture and Matt Damon was perfect for the part. Would see it again. I give it a 9.

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