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One Antagonist, Two, or Three in Hada’s Fog?

Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog

Chapter Eight, Scene One is posted on Hada’s Fog page (see menu above). New characters are introduced and we see how Lev and Hada feel about them. They are Samuel’s tennis-playing friends. Lev objects to their behavior, and a reader could surmise that we are meeting the antagonist or antagonists?

Hada is the main protagonists and her goal is to return to her quiet retirement life at home in New Jersey. The chaos between Samuel and his younger brother, Abe, is what is preventing Hada from leaving California. Readers learn that there is more to the problem than business with Abe. The daughter-in-law, Bira,  suspects that the fifteen-year-old, Lilli, is drawing Samuel’s attention.

Is Samuel the antagonist for how he treats Abe? Is Lilli another antagonist? Is her father, Dario, because he seems to have secrets with Samuel and he encourages Lilli’s inappropriate behavior? How many antagonists, one, two, or  three?Lilli's gold shoes



  1. ladywinfred says:

    My my. Lilli has certainly added some spice to that Thanksgiving turkey. This spice will be fun to watch!!

    • Yes, Lilli. She thinks she’s 25 and refuses to admit she’s 15. Hada doesn’t know it, but in the right environment, Lilli wants to be a nice girl.

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