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Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg

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One of the members of my writing class told be about Verlyn Klinkenborg’s book, Several Short Sentences About Writing. I picked it up and randomly chose a page. Klinkenborg talks about “flow” on page 67.

“Your job as a writer is making sentences.

Your other jobs include fixing sentences, killing sentences,

and arranging sentences.

If this is the case–making, fixing, killing, arranging–

how can your writing possibly flow?

It can’t.


Flow is something the reader experiences, not the



A writer may write painstakingly.

Assembling the work slowly, like a mosaic,

Fitting and refitting sentences and paragraphs over the years.

And yet to the reader the writing may seem to flow.


The reader’s experience of your prose has nothing to

do with how hard or easy it was for you to make.

You’re not writing for a reader in the mirror whose

psychological state reflects your own.

You have only your own working world to consider.

The reader reads in another world entirely.”


Reading in a tree


  1. ladywinfred says:

    LOVE the picture — how perfect. I have read Klinkenborg’s book and though the formatting annoyed me at first, it quickly disappeared as I got sucked up into what he was saying. A good deal of inspirational stuff is in those little sentences in that little book. I join you in encouraging anyone interested in honing their writing craft to pick up that little book.

    • I agree. The format is annoying every time I pick it up. But last night, I sort of saw a pattern so maybe next time it won’t bother me so much.

  2. This came at the right time as I work on my 50,000 word NaNoWritMo. Great words and food for thought!

    I actually feel less stress when I stopping worrying about writing my words for the reader and understood they only need to work for me. My hope is the reader and my story will be in sync.


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