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Thanksgiving Dinner in Hada’s Fog

Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog

Chapter Eight of Hada’s Fog is posted (see menu above).

I imagined the Thanksgiving dinner scene with different conversations going on around the table. Many characters, some of whom were not familiar to the reader yet, posed a challenge. I didn’t want the people finding their seats to read like stage direction.  I drew a seating arrangement to be sure I was accurate for Lev to be able to observe the others and hopefully, the reader to see what he surmised about the discussions. That scene was one I revised more times than most of the others.

In one of the writing on-line classes I took, the suggestion to draw characters and scenes sounded like a good idea and my version of the seating chart did help. I”m an abstract artist, not skilled enough to draw scenes. My people would be stick figures so I used the names of the characters for the chart. But if any of you are artists, try drawing a whole scene and let me know if it helped with the writing.

Thanksgiving Table set

Thanksgiving Dinner prepared by Bira in Hada’s Fog by Julaina Kleist-Corwin.

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