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Scott Turow

presumed innocent            I wished for a day when I could read for hours. My dream came true today. My reading group meets tomorrow afternoon and I still had about 300 pages to read in the chosen book, Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow. It is not a fast read. Turow wrote it in 1987 and I almost put it down a few days ago since I thought the beginning had too many names of police, lawyers, judges, etc. I kept waiting for interesting action. About a third of the way in the book, it became a page-turner but with all the clues of who don it. Keeping the characters in the right places in my head, I had to slow my reading pace way down. Today I had the added tension of being able to finish on time.

Turow’s writing style is admirable as his way of keeping the killer a secret. I changed my guess several times but the real killer kept crossing my mind and it was the right one. However, the ending is unique and I liked several of the characters a lot, especially the minor character who talks with the protagonist on the last pages.


Fortunately, I have not seen the movie. It would have made reading the book and making guesses less enjoyable.  But now I want to see how Harrison Ford plays Rusty, the protagonist.  Have you seen it or read the book?


The next person to choose a book for our reading group, chose Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore. I like it already because it takes place in France.

My friend, Linda Todd suggested it. We both like the reading group that we joined about a year or more ago. We agree it makes us read books we might never pick up on our own. The variety expands our experiences with different genres. Our discussions help to understand the value of how the writer combined plot, character, setting, tension, etc. to create a good read.


What are you reading now?

sacre bleu a comedy d Art

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore


  1. ladywinfred says:

    Harrison Ford did a good job in Presumed Innocent, as did all the other cast members. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Some of the suspense and all of the guesswork will be missing since you’ve read the book, but the movie is still good entertainment and fun to see how the director and actors interpreted Turow’s words.

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