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Update about My Old Blog Site

Dog between couple showing feetThe old timetowritenow blog site is running again with a new domain name and a more lighthearted theme. The link is: jkleistcorwin.wordpress.com and if you have trouble getting there, please let me know since we’ve worked hard on making it usable and need to fix it if it’s not.

Our Pets was what I posted yesterday on the old site with this picture. I will continue posting almost daily on this site, and maybe a couple times a week on the old site.

If you have a digital photo of you with your pet, please put it into the comments section on the old site:

jkleistcorwin.wordpress.com Please add the name of your pet.

On couch close up eyes open

My cat, Spiriti who adopted me in 2000.

Thanks for participating.

I will post a photo of me with her on the other site where I’m collecting photos of writers with their pets.

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