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Winner Bindi Irwin on Dancing with the Stars

Bindi Irwin on dancing w starsDancing with the Stars Season Finale included Bindi Irwin as one of the three last contenders. Her father was Bindi's dad with crocSteve Irwin known as the Crocodile Hunter. Irwin died from a stingray injury to the heart at the age of 44.

He named Bindi after his pet crocodile. Bindi means “little girl.”

Professional dancer, Derek Hough taught Bindi to dance on the popular show, in return, she taught him how to speak Australian. Seventeen-year-old Irwin’s dance tribute to her dad brought tears to the judges and audience. After one of Hough’s choreographed dances with Irwin, confetti fell and Irwin said, “It’s raining happiness.” Her smile and joyful personality made this season the best.

Bindi and Derek



Bindi nose to nose with koalaBindi winner







Bindi's beautiful smile


  1. She’s like a little girl, still caught up in the wonder of everything. What a wonderful dancer. What frenetic energy.

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