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Exercises to Observe Body Language in Writing Fiction

AnthonyBurgess photo with cigarIn my writing class today, the two part exercise to experience observing body language ended. I paired up the members and explained the first part as follows:

  • One person is A and the other is B.
  • A listens to B talk about C who is not present.
  • B can either complain about C or B can give A confidential information about C, in other words, gossip about C.
  • A, the listener, shows shock, anger, annoyance, etc. based on what B says.

In acting out the conversation, it’s easier to see what facial expressions and/or body movements express¬† emotions.

Today, B is not present while A tells C what B had said.

C could show shock, anger, fear, neutrally unaffected, etc. Again, members noticed the body language.

Showing emotions instead of naming them, takes longer but deepens the reader’s experience of the story.

Practice with different people to notice a variety of facial expressions and body movements that show emotions.


Let me know what you discovered. (Hint: does gender make a difference?)

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