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A Subplot in Hada’s Fog?


Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog




The next scene in Hada’s Fog has been posted. (See Menu above.)

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Abe is being sued for a pilot program involving children with learning problems. Lev suspects Samuel is manipulating his brother’s personal life as well as his financial success.

Bira, Lev’s daughter-in-law, has concerns about Samuel’s possible infidelity and asks Lev for help. At this point in the novel, the unconfirmed infidelity appears to be a subplot. The usual subplot involves supporting characters, minimal impact on the protagonist’s world, and takes less space in the pages of events.

Bira is a supporting character, however,  as the story continues, the possible infidelity contributes to the main plot. It takes as much page space as Samuel’s interference with Abe’s life. It feeds her denial that Samuel is guilty of  the other family members’ suspicions. It increases Hada’s defense of her first-born.

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