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The Best in the Holiday Season

Holiday lights on wet sidewalk with benchBesides the love, light, and good cheer, what I like best in the holiday season is reconnecting with old friends, some of whom I haven’t heard from in years. Remembering them and the times we spent together helps me understand that time is not linear. But controversy over linear or not is another topic.

Neanna, one of my assistants when I taught a county special education class in the early 2000’s called me a few minutes ago. The last time I talked with her was almost ten years ago. However, hearing her voice sent me back to the classroom and the working bond we had that included my other assistant, Cindy. We’re planning to meet for coffee in a week or two and catch up on the changes since we shared two years with our precious special needs students.


Holiday Hanukkah Eifell tower and menorrah For a couple of years, around 2007, I didn’t put up decorations in the house. I enjoyed the outdoor lights in the neighborhood and in friends’ homes. This year, will be another year where the artificial tree and decorations will remain in storage. I want to enjoy the holidays with family and friends without the rush of decorating, shopping, and cooking.



Holiday lights all blueOver the years, I have always been late in sending out holiday cards. I know it’s a way of reconnecting, but how do I choose who to send a card and who not to since my motto is no stress this year? So I’ll go with the flow without worrying about the cards.






Holiday lights on treesI’ve had fun looking at photos of holiday lights for this post.  With the ones I chose, I send love and good cheer to all of you, my friends. Enjoy each moment this season and take time to absorb the beauty of the lights.


Holiday lights with people on streetholiday lights






  1. Neva Hodges says:

    Beautiful thoughts and pictures. We’re not sending cards this year either. And a long time ago we really cut back on gift giving. Our interfaith connections are important to us, so this year we’re lighting our Hanukkah menorah and enjoying the soft glow of lights in addition to our Christmas tree.

    • Neva, it’s good to hear from you. We lit the menorah too. It’s my favorite thing to do during this season. Is this your first holiday in your new house or has it been two years already?

  2. ladywinfred says:

    What gorgeous pictures, Jules! Thank you for taking the time and for sharing with us. I had to catch myself — I almost got into the holiday spirit!! LOL!!

  3. Your message has reminded me of emotional feelings I’d been thinking about this season. For many years I celebrated the holidays with a large family gathering and friends. It was a joyous time in my live. But sadly as the years flew by, I’ve had less family and friends to celebrate the holiday season. I’d lost some of the holiday cheer that I so enjoyed. Yes, it was my friends and family that made the season so joyful. Then I remembered something I’d forgotten. The holiday season isn’t only about family and friends; it’s the union with the Spirit of Christmas. My memories are still with me when I enter the church within me. They haven’t really left me. I can still feel their presence when I quiet my mind and give thanks for the time I had with them and for the ability to feel their presence again. I give thanks for all that I still have, my daughter, family and friends that are still in my life.
    May your holiday season be one of celebration, for those that have enriched your life and the friends and family members that are still with you. And for the One that has given us so much love in our life.

  4. Yes, Sally, I agree, especially that those who have left this world are with us. I feel my son often. Thanks for your comments.

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