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Rain Storms In San Francisco East Bay Today

rain with nothing elseSan Francisco East Bay where I live had rain storms off and on last night and today. I’m happy for the trees. The big Oak  in our court needed it. We gave it extra water when we could, but with the drought, it was limited. The wind blew strong enough to lift and scatter wet leaves in our yard.

rain with cartoon couple wind blowing her away







rain with cat at windowA great day to read, I finished our reading group selection, Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore, which I thought was long in the beginning but half way through, I was hooked and appreciated it. We’ll discuss it tomorrow afternoon.


rain with girl and umbrellaLast week, as I walked to the office in Berkeley, a homeless man chatted with me about not being able to find a job. He wore clean clothes and had short clean hair.

He had wanted to work in an elderly care facility but there were no openings. I suggested if he volunteer at places like that, a paid position might open up for him. He liked that idea, but didn’t want to take a night shift. He worried about being on the streets after dark. He said an acquaintance lets him sleep in his back yard. I forgot to ask him if there is shelter with a roof. I think of him on days like these. I hope he isn’t sleeping out in the open with no cover overhead.

rain with girl n umbrella side viewrain with couple n umbrella n lamp post







  1. ladywinfred says:

    Aw, Jules, your pictures in this post were sooooo evocative. Comforting and disturbing at the same time — which is what rain has always been for me, maybe for all of us human persons. Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

    • Thanks, Ann, I know what you mean by disturbing. I feel that way when there is a storm with strong winds and California’s rare lightening and thunder. But if it’s just raining, light or heavy, I love it, so did Adrian.

  2. I grew up near Folsom Lake and check the marina web cams frequently.
    The boat docks are still sitting on the dirt but I can see a large puddle forming, don’t know if it is connected to the lake yet. We are not even close to being out of the drought yet but I have high hopes of a garden this year if we get even 50% of average rainfall!
    I appreciate your work in keeping big trees alive, thanks for your efforts.
    I doubt folks in non-drought areas understand our fascination with watching the rain!
    Storm watching parties are in vogue, cheese & wine or cocoa and smores, it’s all fun.

  3. Yes, rain is a celebration. I have hope too for more and more rain. Did you notice the trees were cracking off, pruning their own branches to reduce what they were trying to keep alive? I wished my hose would reach all over the neighborhood. Thanks for the link to Folsom Lake Marina.

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