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Symphony Helps Me Manage My Two Blogs and Social Media

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What is Symphony?

Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This year I decided to upgrade my blog with the help of a webmaster. The new hosted site retained the name, Time to Write Now. Although I am pleased with the result, I didn’t want to give up my old blog since I had set it up myself, quite an accomplishment for a non-techie.

The more I thought about my old blog becoming inactive, the more I wanted to use it in addition to the upgrade. I asked my webmaster to obtain a new domain name for the old site and keep all my several years of posts on it. https://www.jkleistcorwin.wordpress.com.  I planned the theme to be “The Arts, Animals, and Nature” compared to About Writing which is what the upgraded blog continues to be.

Syndicating my posts to social media from two blogs made me worry about duplication or forgetting which posts I wanted to appear on which Facebook page and all other complications beside having to manually make those connections.

Symphony came to the rescue. In a few minutes, all my sites were on one dashboard. The handy “Crosspost” tool enabled me to connect each blog to specific Facebook pages and in the future, every post goes out to the designated social media automatically. I don’t have to ponder about what I’m doing.

Here are more advantages to join Symphony:

• Access to free-use pictures is easy to search and add to posts.
• Automatic shortening with Bit.ly.
• The dashboard shows how many new followers are gained and lost.
• Queue posts to opportune times selected from a graph.
• Live support is available every day. The team is patient, encouraging, and available.

I haven’t explored the other functions yet due to the busy holidays, but I’m looking forward to learning them.

Symphony is free for a month trial and if you like it, the future monthly fee is reasonable with three categories. I recommend checking it out. http://www.symphonytools.com

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