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Radio City Music Hall Could Be a Setting for Fiction Writing

location news in historyRadio City Music Hall, a magnificent Art Deco theater in New York City, opened December 27, 1932. Until the late 1970’s, the theater alternated between showing first-run movies and as a site for gala stage shows. “More than 700 films have premiered at Radio City Music Hall since 1933.”

The Christmas Spectacular with the “high-kicking Rockettes, a precision dance troupe”, has been shown there since the 1930’s. Over a million people see the show annually.

“In 1999, the Hall underwent a seven-month, $70 million restoration. Today, Radio City Music Hall remains the largest indoor theater in the world.”

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As I read this information, and remembered my two visits to Radio City Music Hall in the 1970’s, I imagined several different characters and their possible stories with the music hall as a setting. Art Deco is one of my favorite designs in buildings, clothes, jewelry, movies, and art. A story set in a time and place that I find fascinating would make writing about it enjoyable.

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Have you thought of a setting you’d like to use in a future story? Let me know in the comment section.


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  1. Julaina, very interesting post. I lived in NYC most of my life and didn’t know the background to Radio City Music Hall.

  2. Karen, when I went there I was too young to care about its history,but I want to learn more about it now. I thought I detected a New York accent when I heard you on your video. Identifying accents is one of my hobbies.

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