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Hada’s Fog Chapter Eleven, Scene One is Posted

Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog

Hada’s Fog Chapter Eleven, Scene One is posted.

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Hada continues to defend Samuel, her first-born. In case you missed my post about gender and birth order of characters’ siblings, the link is below. That explanation goes for main characters who aren’t siblings as well. In this novel’s case, it applies to the two grown sons’ and their dispute. One son is the antagonist. Hada, the protagonist, denies his wrong-doings, and Lev protects the youngest son. Birth order in this story plays a huge part.


Jacob fishing silhouette

Jacob fishing and reaching

In Chapter Eleven, Lev calls Nissa and chats with Jacob, Abe’s son. Hada reminisces about Jacob’s personality and his fishing trip with Lev.






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