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Add a Baby in Your Story As a Metaphor

Baby in sillohuetteHave you observed a baby lately? Tonight I spent the evening with relatives from New Jersey including a three-month-old and a newborn.  The differences in their abilities made me appreciate the amazing growth process.

I plan to write a YA novel with a baby in it. My observations of the two babies this evening gave me several ideas. I had a son but learning about what to do for him took away time to relax and notice the subtle details of his movements, reactions, and recognitions. I’ve made notes such as the newborn had longer fingers than the three month old, not bigger but relatively longer. The newborn cried because it was hungry or had tummy pains during digestion. The three-month old cried for attention or showed his emotion such as anger about bedtime. I’m excited to add what I’ve learned to the characterization of the baby in my future novel.

A baby also makes a good metaphor in a story. It can represent the birth of a new idea or a characters’ transformation or whatever is appropriate to your story.

What are some metaphors you would use when you write a baby into your story?


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