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Vote For Hada’s Fog Book Cover

The fog photo I’ve been using to blog my novel, Hada’s Fog was one I Googled in free images.

Vikiana on Fiverr designed the two book covers I’ve posted here.  https://www.fiverr.com/


This first one could be a younger Hada.hada cover with young



Hada Front Cover-small



This second one has an older person’s type of dress which would be more like she is at seventy years old in the novel.





I would appreciate a comment to let me know which one you like better for her story.



Julaina Kleist-Corwn

Editor of Written Across the Genre


  1. I like the top one😉

  2. I vote for the second one. Had a seems more like an “old 70” than a modern woman with vitality. I like the mood of both pictures.

  3. ladywinfred says:

    Definitely #2 but make her even older. Hada’s story is one of a 70 year old woman, not 45 or 50. Clothes are ok but grey the hair and change the style a little. My 2 cents.

    • Thanks, Ms Winfred. I can’t make any changes unless I pay for a whole new cover. Once the job is considered complete, it’s done. I know what you mean about the hair color, but read Lani’s comment.

  4. I like the first one. No surprise there. We are a youth oriented society. It may give you a wider audience. However, that said, I think the second one is truer to the story and probably targets your market better.

    • Thanks, Julie. That is exactly my problem in trying to decide. What you said about the first one makes me lean toward it. See my answer to Lani’s comment.

  5. I like the first one, not only because it is more inclusive but because it reminds the reader that Hada’s journey as an adult is affected by who she was in ways she may not realize.

    • Hi Lani,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I feel the same way you do but you put it into words that clarified what I was feeling. “it reminds the reader that Hada’s journey as an adult is affected by who she was in ways she may not realize.” I think I will write something like that as a quote in the beginning page of the novel. Your insight is very valuable and resonates for my story about Hada.

  6. I like the second one and I agree with ladywinfred that there should be some gray hair (even though I know plenty of “young ladies” in their 70s who have virtually no gray hair).

    • Thanks, Gary. As I said to LadyWinfred, the design is done. I can’t make any more changes unless I pay for a whole new cover. See what I say to Lani in answer to her comment.

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