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Learning with keyboardI have several ideas for  on-line courses I could organize and teach. I’ve taken 3 to 4 or more during each year since 2007 and I know what I like and don’t like in how the classes are presented.  D’Vorah Lanskey, http://reachmorereaders.com, has a class on creating course content. My first assignment is to decide on a topic.

That’s the problem. I don’t know which idea to choose. With D’Vorah’s 30 day challenge, I hope to get one completed. However, I need your help.

Please look at the list and let me know which one or ones sound interesting to you. Thanks.


  • D'Vorah's Course creation announcementWorking with Autistic and physically challenged children
  • What is Feng Shui and how to use it
  • What grief teaches
  • Beginning writing
  • Genre and memoir writing

Add any other topics of interest and if I know enough about them, I’ll add them to my list.


I appreciate your help.


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Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of  Written Across the Genres


  1. No 3 or 5. I’d like to see more choices when you have more input.

  2. Wow, you certainly know how to keep yourself busy… and then some.

    I think, since you’re already teaching writing, that you should concentrate on one of the last two.

    What grief teaches might be an interesting topic. I would like to learn what you have to teach about that.

    I know you have worked with autistic children before and have a lot of knowledge about that, so that’s a possibility.

    I see your dilemma.

    I think my vote would be for number five.

    I appreciate that you are looking for other suggestions, but do you really need any?

  3. Linda Todd says:

    I vote for the last bullet, genre and memoir writing. But maybe these could be two different classes. Not sure how long the classes would be, but focusing on one or the other might be best.

    • Thanks, Linda, for your vote. Yes, it depends on how much material I have, but I would like to make them two different classes. These are on-line classes so I’d have to figure out if I should make them two weeks, 6 weeks, or longer. Usually the two weeks are every day’s worth which I’d have trouble keeping up with their submissions. A lot to think about. This selection about which one will be first is like two baby-steps toward organizing real online courses. BTW, I looked at what topics are next, and one of them is outline 🙂 (actually for these non-fiction classes, I do need to outline.)

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